The Ice Sea Pirates

The Ice Sea Pirates

Frida Nilsson

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Natur & Kultur, Stockholm 2015
Fiction 6-9
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The Ice Sea Pirates

Frida Nilsson

“Whitehead has captured my sister! We have to go get her back!”

But no one moved. They looked away, stared down into their glasses, started mumbling to each other, and soon someone said: “Siri, your sister is gone. That’s what happens to those Whitehead captures. They…no longer exist.”

The feared pirate Whitehead abducts children and makes them work in a mine all day, digging  for diamonds. No one even dares to search for the lost children. But the day he captures Siri’s little sister Miki, he makes himself an enemy he never could have imagined. Siri goes looking for Whitehead’s island. Because she knows how scared Miki must be, in the hands of the pirate, in the mine’s dark ducts, all alone.

The August Prize jury described the book: “In regions far away there are islands, oceans, ice. There, the sisters Siri and Miki live, but also Whitehead, the pirate who abducts children. When he kidnaps Miki, Siri has to do what no one else has the courage to – go after him. With a strong pathos for the little human being, Frida Nilsson creates a winding adventure. The language is rich and full. The cold bites and the sea lashes in this story that shows us that both the good and the bad that we do leave traces. You have to choose wisely. And one who doesn’t listen to their conscience will fail.”

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Press voices

"Frida Nilsson's epic adventure is a modern classic that captivates the reader. It is rather impossible to put down the book." Svenska Dagbladet

"The author is our new Astrid Lindgren. Little bookworms will throw themselves at this frost sparkling tale." M Magasin

”Frida Nilsson has created an epic story of sisterhood, courage and the importance of staying humane in a cruel adult world.” Expressen

After a thrilling culmination a happy ending takes place, and the reader can relax. A book that makes the reader feel as a fellow traveler on a great adventure” BTJ

"What a fantastic book! From the first page, I am captivated and can’t stop reading about Siri and the adventure she sets off on to save her little sister from the pirates. Exciting and SO nicely written about sisterhood, friendship, fear and courage!" Akademibokhandeln, Västra Frölunda

"On my way to Gothenburg but don’t want to arrive! Consumed by a book! So darn great! What a setting! What a beautiful voice! Barnbibblan gives a gold star!" Barnbibblan

"Frida Nilsson’s "Ishavspirater". Terribly exciting and such a well-written adventure story about courage, cruelty and sibling love. Your tears flow and your hair stand. Read it, just read it! " Bokslukaren

“I'm ecstatic! What a story! What a book to read out loud! Frida Nilsson's pirate story is in an Astrid Lindgren class! Hooray also for the map and Alexander Jansson's suggestive artwork! WOW WOW WOW!” Lena Kjersén Edman

"I shudder with pleasure to hold such a jewel of a story in my hand ./.../ It is a brilliant narrative. Is it the language with its unexpected vocabulary in the midst of everyday words? Or the setting, with its fresh, treacherous cold and salted herrings? Or simply Siri’s relentless pursuit? A powerful story is it, anyway." Göteborgs Posten

"Four hundred-page sheer reading joy." UNT

"Frida Nilsson has written a tumultuous tale with incredibly beautiful illustrations by Alexander Jansson." Nerikes Allehanda

”Ishavspirater is a resounding adventure. The description of Siri's industriousness, the frightful pirate captain, and the barren environment provide both chills and provokes tears, even in adult readers. It is nothing more than a grand story.” Kristianstadbladet

"With her fantastic imagination and tone of storytelling, she [Frida Nilsson] lets us sit on pins and needles until the very last page. It's the magic of reading at its strongest.” Ulrika Larsson, Akademibokhandeln i Halmstad

August Prize nominee 2015
Winner of Expressen's Heffaklumpen Award 2016
Winner of the Nils Holgersson Plaque 2016
Winner of the BMF Plaque 2016
White Ravens 2016
Nordic Council Prize for best children’s book nominee 2016