The Dog Owners

The Dog Owners

Frida Nilsson

Original Title
Natur & Kultur, 2023
Fiction 9-12
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The Dog Owners

Frida Nilsson

The Dog Owners and The Cat Hunters is a fast-paced drifter adventure divided into two books, where dogs and people live side by side.

The year is 1910 and Martin lives with a farmer who has adopted him, but he dreams about his
own father. The only thing that keeps Martin hopeful is that the farmer has promised to show him
a document containing who his real father is on the day of his 18th birthday. When the farm dog
Jack is chased away, Martin finds out that there is no such document and he escapes with Jack.
An arduous journey begins, and they end up at an inn, which Jack has imagined to be paradise on
Earth for dogs like him, but it turns out to be a house taken over by a large group of dogs living on
the margins of society.

In the second part, The Cat Hunters, Martin is being exploited by a couple of rotten dogs but finally
manages to find his father. Jack has been put in prison, accused of abducting Martin from the farm,
and Martin has to come up with a plan to free Jack.

Frida Nilsson is a master at depicting misunderstood characters and unconventional friendships,
and she does not disappoint in this fast-paced tale in two parts.

Press voices

About the bravery to keep your humanity in a cruel world. Read yourself, read loud. Nobody has written better than this for kids in the middle-ages in 2023” Expressen

A tale in two parts about the foster kid Martin and some speaking animals on the run. In a dramatic chapter the inequality and poverty are portrayed, but also their fight for freedom and justice. Wilful and captivating.” Kristianstadsbladet

The Dog Owners is an completely amazing reading out loud book for the ages 7 to 10. This is a touching, exciting and funny story about the foster kid Martin and his dog friends (…)” Kalmarposten

The books about Martin and Jack

Nominated for the August Prize 2023

"In Hundägarna and Kattjägarna, the disheveled protagonists are on the run through an unequal and poverty-stricken Sweden where neither children nor dogs have any rights. In their satchels, they carry an unquenchable longing for truth, rectification, love, and freedom. Frida Nilsson excels in this timeless and age-less story as an interpreter and defender of the weak and vulnerable. Together with illustrator Alexander Jansson, she invites the reader to an unforgettable run-away odyssey in two acts, where the uncompromisingly compelling language that begs to be read out loud."