The Awakening of the Earth

The Awakening of the Earth

Madeleine Bäck

Original Title
Jorden vaknar
Natur & Kultur, 2017
Young adult
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The Awakening of the Earth

Madeleine Bäck

They thought they had managed to curb the power, but the ancient force that has been released is growing as the number of victims increase. Before long the whole district is affected. Hofors is burning. The earth seems to be alive. Bleeding. Somewhere there is a connection with what happened to the sisters Anna and Agnes in Storvik in 1875.
In a small community in Gästrikland a church burglary has gone wrong. Ancient forces have been released in the woods and waters. The boundaries between the living and the dead, between nature and culture have become blurred. Only Gunhild, the woman in the woods, seems to understand what is happening. To stop it she needs cats, blood, iron and the help of two reluctant and scared young persons. Beata, who has lost her friend to the dark forces, and Krister, the grandchild who has been told that Gunhild is dead.

This is the second part of Madeleine Bäck’s country noir trilogy for young adults about a district torn and tormented by an ancient alliance between man and nature. With great skill she combines the rural life and mystery with history, mythology and folklore.

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Press voices
"Bäck's language is very effective and impressive, well suited for the dystopian environments."
Steven Ekholm, Dagens nyheter

"Insanely good, highly recommended." Billiebumlebee at Good Read

"Well, I'll be darned! This is one of the best novels I have ever read!" Linn Lundtoft, Librarian

"Finally, the sequel to The Lure of the Water is here, and it’s So. Damn. Good."Bokankan

"Have just finished The Earth Awakens and I’m completely exhausted. Cannot wait for the last part to be published. God, this is good!" Astrid's book tips

"So damned good! All I can say is, READ if you haven’t yet." Boksnoken

"Brilliant, exciting with a magic language!" Jennie's Book List

"When the prosecution of witches from the past meet the present's monstrous gangster world and deceitful politicians, the pages explode. Madeleine Bäck, who was born and raised in Gästrikland, knows the environment and the legends created there, and credibly and imaginatively she transforms them into something of her own. The language sparkles and creates an effective opposition to the dark cruelty and vicious violence. The Earth Awakens is a TERRIFIC story, hard to put down and it is crying out for a sequel. Fortunately, the third part of the trilogy will be published next spring." BTJ

"For our readers who are familiar with the area, a big part of the pleasure is seeing the landscape through her gaze. The familiar every day is covered with a layer of mystery." Gävle Dagblad

"This is horror for young people which you simply cannot do without." Bokkoll