The Mountain Sacrifices

The Mountain Sacrifices

Madeleine Bäck

Original Title
Berget offrar
Natur & Kultur, Stockholm, 2018
Young adult
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The Mountain Sacrifices

Madeleine Bäck

They thought it was over now. That all the sacrifices were enough. But the ancient evil force still lives in the forest and is coming for more.

To the hotel in Falun, where eighteen-year-old Jenny hides from someone who wants revenge.To Gävle, where the student Beata can no longer escape the mountain people’s dark legacy. To Hofors, where the old cat lady Gunhild of the guardians’ lineage is looking in time and space for guidance. To her grandson, animal welfare inspector Krister, who is struggling to become the Channak the world needs, before the abyss opens completely.

The final part of Madeleine Bäck’s character-driven horror trilogy for young adults combines everyday life in a country village in Northern Sweden with mystery, history, mythology and superstition.

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Press voices

”I read "The Lure of the Water" ("Vattnet drar") by Madeleine Bäck, and it was wonderful! I was told this was a young adult book. Then I read, and thought, hey, this is not (explicitly) for young adults?! (The author did actually intend it for young adults, though.) So, after speaking with a few people about it, and thinking about it, I have come to this conclusion: It is not for just adults or young adults, it's for both! I hope you might see why.../…/ We meet, for example, the ambitious old journalist with more to him than meets the eye. There's the animal welfare officer who can heal animals, but who also has a lot of difficulty socializing with people. We also meet the young woman with a bff and a steady but casual not-boyfriend. And, my favorite character: Viktor! Young guy with problematic friends, not a lot of self esteem, dangerous ideas, and a fierce but tender love for his best friend's girlfriend. All these people and more, will soon discover that something, some thing, has woken up in Hofors. There's a magic rock, murder, violent forest sex, more murder, forest sex murder, public orgies, evil jackdaws, cute puppies, sick leave from work, alcoholic tendencies, cat murders, undercover journalism, crazy old ladies, and wild getaways. It's intoxicating, sometimes horrifying, sometimes hilarious, sometimes infuriating. In some ways, weirdly, it's so typically Swedish crime, I can't believe I'm not reading a crime bestseller. And then horror strikes! I end up happily exhausted. I absolutely love this book, and will soon start reading the sequel, "The Awakening of the Earth" ("Jorden Vaknar"). Madeleine Bäck is immediately up there with the best horror authors, no question about it.” Booksofdoom

"I bought the book because I saw it a lot in book circles and since I'm a sucker for all supernatural and scary I had a feeling that it would be a book for me. It was absolutely right that feeling, I can tell you! Vattnet drar is something brand new from what I have read before and I like it. It is something incredibly exciting and mysterious about the forces of nature, which play a big part in the plot. We follow several different characters and I like it that there is a bit of crime story to it when the journalists not only chase a good story but also the truth about what happens in Hofors. It's lucky that it's a trilogy, otherwise I would probably have hit the ceiling! Now I need to get the sequel!“

"It’s a fast, raw and dirty realism that grips hold of you just after a few pages. Slowly, the supernatural envelops the story and the horror comes creeping. The grip tightens and I turn the pages faster and faster. All I can say is finally, a really good YA horror story – I’ve been wanting this!” Olivia Borg, Akademibokhandeln

“The suspense is constant and I had a hard time putting the book down. I just wanted more and more!” Tova Larsson, 17 years old, blog Bokugglan

”It’s physical – violent, erotic, raw and lyrical. "The Lure of the Water" is the first part in a trilogy, and it ends with not one cliffhanger, but several. It’s an outstanding debut!” BTJ
“Madeleine Bäck’s horror fantasy "The Lure of Water" is a solid debut. There is not the slightest trace of linguistic uncertainty, unevenness in the plot or one-dimensional characters. This book is like if one of Stephen King's novels had a baby with a being from the Swedish wildwood. It mixes bloodcurdling nature mysticism with accurate personal descriptions, that is also horror master King's greatest strength, people become real in all their pathetic ugliness. Madeleine Bäck’s gallery of characters is believable and engaging, the language feels straight through authentic (…)” Jönköpingsposten

“Gästrikland will not feel the same after Madeleine Bäck's imagination has spread like a spider web over the landscape, giving it a new mystical dimension.” Kristian Ekenberg, Gefle Dagblad

"Effectively narrated country noir. Unusually well composed collection of characters. I'm already waiting for the continuation.” Close-Up Magazine

“Dialogues and language are skillful and accurate. The supernatural element is nerve-rackingly present. "The Lure of Water" is the first part of a trilogy, and I will surely read its sequel.” Carola Strömstedt’s blog

“Totally knocked-out! What a character depiction! I got nightmares, but it was worth it!” Prickiga Paula

“I had to ration it so I wouldn’t read too quickly, how will I endure while waiting for part two? Pure Tarantino-delight at the end!” Zandra Kuren, Pocket Shop