Look Little Hans
Original Title
Titta Lill-Hans
Karneval förlag 2022
Picture books
32 pp, 180 x 165 mm
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Look Little Hans

Barbro Lindgren & Aron Landahl

Little Hans’ mother and father have disappeared and Little Hans is now all by himself in the dark woods. There he encounters dangerous animals and makes an unexpected new friend.

The condensed language of ALMA award-winning Barbro Lindgren meets Aron Landahl’s evocative illustrations in a new story for the youngest, that is a congenial blend of humor and jitters, darkness and a happy ending.


“Landahl’s imagery is reminiscent of Maurice Sendak, William Blake and Hans Arnold, but has an aesthetic of its own, which cleverly contrasts with Lindgren’s soft, harmonious text. A truly wonderful book to read and look at together, child and adult, over and over again.” BTJ


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