Look Thumbelina
Original Title
Titta Tummelisa
Karneval Förlag, 2021
Picture books
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Look Thumbelina

Barbro Lindgren & Anna Höglund

Look Thumbelina
Thumbelina little as a thumb
Look Thumbelina’s bed
Thumbelina sleeps bed
Comes the toad
Toad bad

Children’s book giants Barbro Lindgren and Anna Höglund are back with a new condensed version of a literary classic, H C Andersen’s Thumbelina.

Also in this version, Thumbelina is confronted with marriage-obsessed toads, moles, and maybugs, who she successfully escapes to fi nally fall in love with a prince her own size. Yet Look Thumbelina feels like something new, thanks to the congenial combination of laconic text and expressive illustrations in pencil and watercolor, in which our strong yet vulnerable heroine has a bold fuchsia hairdo and an array of facial expressions that make this short story more nuanced than what it first appears.

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