The Pinchers and Paul Eesman’s Secret

The Pinchers and Paul Eesman’s Secret

Anders Sparring & Per Gustavsson

Original Title
Familjen Knyckertz och Ismans hemlighet
Natur & Kultur, 2020
Fiction 6-9
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The Pinchers and Paul Eesman’s Secret

Anders Sparring & Per Gustavsson

Paul Eesman tells Ellen he can’t sleep because his house is haunted. During the night he hears frightening creaking and panting. When Ellen inspects his house, she discovers that Paul has the stolen gold diamond on his bedstand, although he is a police officer… Paul says it was given to him by his secret girlfriend. Mom Fia is happy to hear Ture knew Paul had it all along, but didn’t tell anyone. Ture confesses he has been practicing keeping a secret. Ellen, Bove and Fia want to steal the diamond, but Ture thinks that will make Paul very sad. The family maintains they have a very smart plan. But when the plan is about to go down, it turns out that both Paul and the diamond have disappeared without a trace!

This is the fourth book about the popular family of robbers. With drastic humour and colorful images, this is the perfect bridge between picture and chapter book, for age 6-9.

Anders Sparring is a screen writer and has written television scripts for many popular children’s shows. In addition to his writing (three books about Karla Wrestler), Anders also does stand-up comedy.

Per Gustavsson is an illustrator and author. He has illustrated a number of books, both his own and for others. His books about the Princess have sold 200 000 copies and are translated to several languages.

Do you want to know more about the Pinchers Family? Check out publisher Natur & Kultur’s official Pinchers webpage (in Swedish) where you can find music, videos, and more about this beloved family.

Press voices 

You love the Pinchers family from the first page – especially the decent Ture, who always gets involved in crimes without meaning to. A very funny and exciting book – perfect for early readers, but also for reading aloud. With lots of colourful illustrations that add an extra dose of humour to the story.” NDR Mikado Redaktion

A particularly enjoyable read-aloud or early reader book, illustrated in colour throughout.” Wetterauer Zeitung, Gießener Allgemeine, Alsfelder Allgemeine

“If you are looking for a goofy, good fun beginning chapter book reader series, pinch this book. Criminally good writing, illustrations, and design.” Jon Scieszka, US National Ambassador for Young Peoples Literature

“Ingenious, well-written and with absolutely wonderful illustrations. We enjoy stories where we both giggle and nod thoughtfully . . . . Criminally good!” Crimetime Award for Children’s Detective of the Year 2022

“The books about Family Pinchers are a clever mix of adventure, silly occurrences, family conflicts, and regular everyday life – and among the best children’s literature we have right now.” Dagens Nyheter

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