The Sailor’s Tear / Teddy Atwater

The Sailor’s Tear / Teddy Atwater

Malte Persson & Bill Bragg

Original Title
Nalle Havsöga
Mirando Bok, 2021
Picture books
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The Sailor’s Tear / Teddy Atwater

Malte Persson & Bill Bragg

A small, threadbare teddy bear sits stowed away in a dark attic. When he considers how alone and forgotten he is, tears begin to fall. He cries and cries. The tears seep between the floorboards, down through the house, and out onto the street in an increasingly formidable stream. The thin trickle grows to a whole flood of tears that rushes through town faster and faster, until finally it reaches the sea!

Far away, on an island across the sea, a grounded pirate ship sits on the sand. It is filled with tattered teddy bear-pirates and other discarded stuffed animals. When they see the tide rising and taste teddy tears in the water, they free themselves from the beach and chart a course toward their weeping friend.

The pirates free Teddy. He gives the captain a hug and wipes his tears. Then he joins the stuffed rebels on their journey across the open ocean. “For now I have brand-new friends and will become a wild musketeer, traveling to distant lands as a teddybuccaneer!”

A tear-jerking picture book adventure in rhyme by Malte Persson and Bill Bragg.

Press voices

[…] a gripping story of solidarity and friendship.” Sydsvenskan

Rare, beautiful, children’s poetry in rhyme” DN’s best-right-now list

With gentle verses, Malte Persson outlines a multi-layered story that stretches from loneliness to the warmth of friendship. […] when Bill Bragg lets the watercolor’s blue tones overflow into a suggestive stream, the artistic effect is all the more breathtaking.” DN

A bright, shining star among the many children’s books this fall.” Bookling

“It’s so pleasant to read a picture book in rhyme where the language is close to perfection. […] The cuteness is paired with a slightly fateful undertone that Bragg may have brought with him from his previous Kafka projects. It’s very smart.” Expressen

A wonderful story about a stuffed animals that rescue a crying friend and take him into their community.” Rak i ryggen, book blog

[…] Rhyming verse with a superb flow that encompasses empathy, abandonment, solidarity and togetherness. [Malte Persson] has his very own tone that is so enjoyable. It is rhythmic and great to read aloud. […] Flowing watercolor and exciting lighting in the pictures. Nalle Havsöga is a lovely picture book. Overall rating: 5 [out of 5].” BTJ

[…] An unforgettable journey and visual experience.” JPS Media

A real tale. In rhyme! Just let yourself be swept along in this picture book adventure.” Vi Läser

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