Facts About Dads
Original Title
Fakta om pappor
Förlaget, 2021
Picture books
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Facts About Dads

Oskar Kroon & Jenny Lucander

When dads cook dinner, they listen to pop music. They swerve and sing along to the chorus. They fry, juice, boil, fizz, gratin, ferment. Sometimes you help set the table, but often you’re busy with other stuff and don’t hear them calling. Maybe you’re gluing something.

What does dads do all day? What are they like? How do you deal with them so they don’t get grumpy and swear? Although parents and kids spend their days together, they are different.

In the mornings when you are energetic, dads are tired. In the evenings when you are tired, dads are energetic. During the days when you are at preschool, dads have meetings at the office. There they have photos from family vacations, but at home they don’t have photos of the office.

For kids, the grown-ups, ancient and obscure, buzz around in another reality. Still they are important to you – and they decide over you.


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