The Space Postman

The Space Postman

Guillaume Perreault

Original Title
Le facteur de l'espace
La Pastèque, March 2016
Graphic novels
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The Space Postman

Guillaume Perreault

In this colorful, hilarious graphic novel, a postman’s bland routine turns into an oddball cosmic adventure when he starts a new route in the far reaches of the galaxy.

Bob is a dedicated and deadpan mail carrier, dedicated to making his deliveries no matter what. So he remains unfazed when assigned a new postal route that takes his space ship to new and surprising planets— including one shaped like a bone, which is full of cosmic dogs who just can’t wait to get a tasty bite out of a postman.

The colorful art features intriguing and charming extraterrestrials, from a giant blue farmer to a small cactus-like creature, and cinematic views of awe-inspiring alien landscapes. Bob’s adventures to make his five deliveries are as harrowing as they are hilarious!


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Press voices

"Drawn 'with a deft hand that could convey the speed of hurdling space projectiles,' Guillaume Perreault's The Postman from Space is the jocular story of Bob, a spacial postman who is really quite ordinary. . . . Perreault makes excellent use of blank space to keep his illustrations uncluttered, his panels drawn in a thin, uneven black line with many pages free of panels altogether. He makes the art all the more dynamic by visually differentiating Bob's new delivery stops with individual color palettes. The Postman from Space is an imaginative graphic novel perfect for both solo and shared reading experiences."—Shelf Awareness, Starred Review

"Light and spirited, the book dazzles, especially in its final pages, which carry a warm optimism about life that’s cheery and instructive. The Postman from Space is a brilliant, funny, and heartwarming tale."—Foreword Reviews, Starred Review

"The worlds created here are delightfully unusual, transporting readers to planets full of intriguing and inquisitive inhabitants. Each individual vignette contains interesting visual details to be explored on second readings. An early elementary tale fit for all ages that serves as a reminder that trying something new can bring delightful and unexpected results."—Booklist

"A visual feast to remind kids that new experiences and challenges create memories that last a lifetime."—School Library Journal

"The drawings are so masterful that they become a sort of understated joke. The more marvels Bob sees, the more desperate he is to end this day of mishaps. But even Bob has to pause, a few pages from the end, and admire the sheer beauty of the world outside his window." —Kirkus Reviews


Winner of Les Pépites de Montreuil 2016

Nominted to Prix jeunesse des libraires du Québec 2016

A New York Public Library Best Book for 2020

Selected for the Little Maverick Reading List

Premio Orbil 2024, Italy, category graphic novels