The Night Raven

The Night Raven

Johan Rundberg

Original Title
Natur & Kultur, 2021
Fiction 9-12
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The Night Raven

Johan Rundberg

Stockholm, 1880. It’s a merciless winter and the entrances to the inner city are blocked by the snow. It’s impossible to get in or out.

Eleven-year-old Mika is an orphan and has lived at the orphanage her whole life. She helps take care of the younger children at the orphanage and works extra in a crummy pub. To survive, Mika has developed a keen sense of detail and knows how to recognize threatening situations.

Late one night at the pub, she listens in on a conversation between two policemen. There’s been a murder, and its circumstances resemble the way the Night Raven used to operate. The Night Raven was an infamous killer that terrorized the city a few years before.

Against her will, Mika is drawn into the investigation. While working together to solve the case, Mika and police constable Valdemar Hoff develop an odd friendship. Powerful people in the city are hiding something, and Mika must put all her skills to the test to solve the mystery and save them both.


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Press voices
“Highly recommended for those who like historical novels, exciting life stories and detective mysteries of the slightly scarier kind. Think Sherlock Holmes for younger readers.“ - Barnens boktips

“I'm sure this will be one of this year's most talked about youth books. It is utterly impossible not to be drawn into this exciting and horrific story set in 1880s Stockholm!“ - Boktanken

“I can highly recommend Nattkorpen /.../ a mustread, a very exciting book /.../ a perfect book to read aloud, so I hope that many middle school teachers will find this gem.“ - Barnboksbloggen

Written about Johan Rundberg’s previous The Phantom’s Voice “Exceptionally well-written, with humour and intelligence and several surprising twists. And very very scary.” - Dagens Nyheter
Crimetime Award for best children's book 2021

“A well-written and vivid Sherlock Holmesque story about the most vulnerable, set in a poor and dirty 1880s Stockholm. A new heroine to love makes her entrance – an orphanage girl with a sharp sense of detail and an unusually strong survival instinct. This is an engaging first-rate page-turner that sparks the reader’s interest for a bygone era. We long for more adventures with Mika Moonwind and constable Hoff.” - Crimetime Award jury

Winner of the August Prize 2021

“Johan Rundberg’s historical suspense novel The Night Raven, in the series about the detective duo Moonwind & Hoff, takes the reader to a stinky, shabby Stockholm. The book plays with the elements of the detective genre, giving the exposed orphanage girl Mika freedom of movement and an eye to solve crimes just because she is a nobody. The tight composition shows a striking and touching picture of the harsh living conditions in the 1880s for vulnerable, unwanted children. The rich, bustling depictions of Stockholm bring a bygone era to life and raise poignant questions about personal responsibility and the lack of social structures.” - the August Prize jury