The Mutants – The Experiment

The Mutants – The Experiment

Ingela Korsell & Daniel Thollin

Original Title
Mutanterna - Experimentet
Natur & Kultur, Stockholm 2022
Fiction 9-12
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The Mutants – The Experiment

Ingela Korsell & Daniel Thollin

An experiment gone wrong and a group of children with animal mutations. Science and magic meet in this action-packed hybrid between chapter book and graphic novel, that takes place now and in the future.

Matteo goes to sixth grade in a suburb outside a smaller city. Everything would have been fine if it wasn’t for the bully Arvid, and for the fact that Matteo had bat wings that grow out every time he gets stressed or angry. But soon there are bigger problems than that to worry about. Someone burns the family farm down and tries to kidnap Matteo. During the dramatic escape he meets other children with unusual qualities who are also being hunted. But by whom? And why?

An exciting story that doesn’t shy away from bigger questions. Adventure, heartburn, and a touch of humor for middle grade readers, both bookworms and those that haven’t started to love books yet.
The Experiment is the first book in the series The Mutants by comic book illustrator Daniel Thollin and Ingela Korsell, author of the popular PAX books.


“Spring is coming for the mutants /…/ An X-Men in Uppsala /…/ The new book Mutants: The Experiment combines comic and chapter book in a story about exclusion and courage.” UppsalaTidningen

“Thrilling from the first page /…/ Marvel has come to Uppsala and THE KIDS LOVE IT!” @lillabus_laser

“It is innovative in both form and content” Agnes Lindholm, @agnes_lindholm

“An interesting book idea and an exciting start to a new series that I think will find many readers, even some who aren’t bookworms usually.” @barnboksbloggen

“Every time I suggested a reading break, they insisted on reading the next chapter.” UNT, Johanna Stenlund @barnensboktips

“A highly thrilling book” @bokmalen


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Nominated for the Crimetime Award 2022