The Curiosity Club – The Spider’s Legs (series)

The Curiosity Club – The Spider’s Legs (series)

Anna Hansson & Maria Andersson Keusseyan

Original Title
Intresseklubben - Spindelbenen
Rabén & Sjögren 2022
Non fiction
36pp, 216 x 150 mm
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The Curiosity Club – The Spider’s Legs (series)

Anna Hansson & Maria Andersson Keusseyan

An easy-to-read series in which exciting facts about various animals are presented with a big portion of humour.

Myrstackarna / The Poor Ants (2017)
You see ants everywhere, but what do they actually do? Read more about red wood ants, black garden ants and pharaoh ants, little fellows that eat scabs.

Råttsvansarna / The Rat’s Tails (2018)
Many people are afraid of rats and mice, but did you know that rats, for example, are genuine athletes? They can jump high and far, but also climb up into narrow tubes – and much more!

Ormtjusarna / The Enchanting Snakes (2019)
How much do you really know about snakes? Did you know, for example, that snakes hear with their lower jaw and smell with their tongue? Test your knowledge and discover many more exciting facts!

Fiskstjärtarna / The Fish Tails (2020)
Many fascinating facts about our swimming friends are told with a lot of humour in this fourth part of the Curiosity Club-series.

Sångfåglarna och andra kraxare / Songbirds and Other Screechers (2021)
Did you know that there are almost 10,000 different species of birds in the world? That the largest can weigh up to 135 kilos, while the smallest weighs no more than 2 grams? You will discover even more in this book!

Spindelbenen / The Spider’s Legs (2022)
Did you know that spiders don’t have ears? Or that some spiders have eight eyes and others none? Many exciting facts about spiders are waiting for you!


About The Spider’s Legs:

“Good non-fiction books for children contain not only curiosities and funny illustrations, they also convey factual information from which you can learn something. But there is also another important ingredient, which is to arouse curiosity in such a way that you want to learn more. Anna Hansson and Maria Andersson Keusseyan manage to combine all this and made me want to read
even more about spiders.” Sydsvenskan


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