The Crocodile Adventure
Original Title
Krokodiljakten eller när Ester kom bort i affären
Rabén & Sjögren, 2021
Picture books
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The Crocodile Adventure

Ylva Karlsson & Katarina Strömgård

A fast-paced adventure for picture book readers about getting separated from your parents!

Esther is out shopping with her dads. Just when they’re about to step onto the escalator, one of her dads catches sight of a jacket he wants to look at more closely. But Esther doesn’t notice, so she and her stuffed kangaroo go up the escalator ahead of them. When Esther tries to go back down, she discovers that the next escalator also goes up, and so does the one after it!

Finally, Esther and the kangaroo end up in the toy section on the top floor. They decide to sit down and wait for their dads, since that’s what you’re supposed to do when you get lost. Then they hear someone growling, and all the stuffed animals in the toy section squeak with fright. The CROCODILE is coming! Fortunately, Esther and the kangaroo are both used to adventure. But what will happen to their poor lost parents?

Everyday realism infused with magic on a subject both children and adults can identify with. This is a free-standing sequel to The Dummy Adventure – When Esther Stopped Using Dummies by the August Prize-winning duo Ylva Karlsson and Katarina Strömgård.


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