Sigrid and Night

Sigrid and Night

Jöns Mellgren

Original Title
Sigrid och Natten
Natur & Kultur, Stockholm 2013
Picture books
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Sigrid and Night

Jöns Mellgren

Sigrid hasn’t slept a wink for the last 30 years. Early one morning when she is sorting out muesli she hears a strange scraping noise. Someone is hiding under the couch. It turns out it’s Night.

“You aren’t allowed to be here,” Sigrid says.

She puts Night in her cookie jar and screws the lid on tightly. Hours pass and the day never ends. When she finally takes out the jar, she starts telling Night about her life’s adventures and her friend, the elephant Olaf. One day Olaf became ill. Sigrid has to wipe her eyes with a handkerchief. How can one ever go to sleep when your best friend becomes ill and no medicines help? Night quietly listens, then lifts Sigrid up and carries her through town in his arms.

Once again we get to step into Jöns Mellgren’s unique world of images. Sigrid and Night is a poetic and quietly beautiful picture book that comforts and warms the heart.

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Press voices

“Swedish writer-illustrator Mellgren’s eccentric story offers the emotional depth of a novel and artwork worth a gallery showing.” Publishers Weekly

”beautifully dark and touching tale” Huffington post

“ingenious and gorgeously drawn book” The New York Times

”Sigrid och Natten is a multilayered, poetic and artistically grandiose picture book about loss and reconciliation. The world of imagery is completely brilliant” SvD

”A consoling picture book about loss and reconciliation where the imagery emphasizes the text. A perfect bedtime story that also offers the adult reflection with a multilayered story in the age of sleeplessness.” Norrbottens-kuriren