Paola Persson Peroni – Maybe in Love

Paola Persson Peroni – Maybe in Love

Emi Gunér & Maja Säfström

Original Title
Paola Persson Peroni – Älskar kanske
Natur & Kultur, October 2022
Fiction 6-9
151 pp, 154 x 207 mm
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Paola Persson Peroni – Maybe in Love

Emi Gunér & Maja Säfström

The third and final book in the feelgood series about Paola Persson Peroni!

Is love always wonderful, or can it also be difficult, something you’d rather avoid? Does everyone feel love the same way, and what is really the difference between loving someone and falling in love? How do you become a couple, and what happens then?

Those are the type of things Paola thinks about nowadays. There seems to be a lot of love around her, but also a lot of secrets. Why does mom come home all giggly after her tango nights, and why does her big brother suddenly need her help in finding a girly gift? Paola on the other hand can’t stop thinking about Benji, but is it him or someone else who’s placed a bracelet in Paola’s shoe?

These are warm and relatable books about friendship and family for age 8+.


About Everyone’s Friend:

“Emi Gunér has an eye for the small but important details of everyday life, and Maja Säfström’s clever illustrations go hand in hand with that eye. It’s a thrilling everyday drama, as we all know life can be.“ Vi Läser

“A well-written book that makes clear how important it is to be oneself and not adapt to the surroundings. High praise goes to Maja Säfström, whose many clever and charming black and white illustrations highlight the many emotional levels of the book – from humour to seriousness.” BTJ

“A lovely book about friends, peer pressure and being yourself.” Rosa Larsson-Cedendahl, Gotlands Allehanda

“Perfect for reading aloud. Both kids and grown-ups will laugh out loud – perhaps not always on the same passage.“ Bokfylla


About Has the Last Laugh:

“On social media, Emi Gunér (the author) promises money back to all who has bought the book but don’t laugh while reading. She doesn’t have to worry about going bankrupt. You laugh often a lot, and sometimes through tears.” Vi Läser

Has the Last Laugh is about the big questions of life like love, friendship and death. … [but] the book is primarily not characterised by heaviness and seriousness, but by humour, joy and a sober approach to life. /…/ The highlight of this well-written, true-to-life story is the lovely relationship between Paola and her grandmother. The fact that an elderly person can be a role model for a child is clearly shown here. Overall rating 4.” Dag Hedberg, BTJ-häftet nr 10, 2021


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