Earth Book I: Time

Earth Book I: Time

Matilda Ruta

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Jordbok: Tiden
Natur & Kultur, Stockholm 2022
Non fiction
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Earth Book I: Time

Matilda Ruta

This is an illustrated non-fiction book for children with an environmental and climate theme, a book to encourage discussions. It is the first in a planned series, to be a helping hand/guide for children in these challenging times. What does it mean to be a human on Earth? How do we fi nd hope about the climate, and look at our role in the long history of our planet? In this book we travel through time and space, back to when our planet was born. Who are we? Where does all the bustling, strange life come from? And how can one animal – humans – despite their short time on Earth, have destroyed so much of nature and the ecosystem? Does humankind really want to erase the early weave of life that we are also a part of? Or can we be another, kinder, kind of animal?

With facts, crafts, comic strips and contemplative questions, Matilda Ruta studies time in this first of four Earth Books. Through the geological term Deep Time, but also with inspiration from ecophilosophy, climate psychology, and the method Active Hope, she attempts to write about nature and the most difficult challenge, that all people are facing together. The book is inspired by and partly done in collaboration with Deep Time Walk, an app created by scientists, artists, activists and ecologists, that guides the listener on a walk through the long life of our planet Earth.

The other Earth books planned will be on Life, Death and The Future.

Matilda Ruta is a children’s and comic book artist and author. She is chair five in the Swedish Children’s Book Academy and has been nominated to a number of important awards. She has previously created the picture books about Ninna, among others.

Press voices

Earth Book: Time explains facts so that children understand them. And arouses the ire of a new generation of climate activists” Shora Esmailian, Svenska Dagbladet

“An informative, poetic and ambitious project. The illustrations are a real feast for the eyes” Sven Olov Karlsson, Expressen

“Wow, what a lovely and intelligent book!” @gustavsbokhylla

“a children’s book that is thought-provoking and prompts conversation and reflection” @malinsbokblogg

“Ruta makes the history of the earth visible in an accessible way” @barnboksfamiljen

“Progressive, beautifully packaged. Superbly presented!” @lillabus_laser

“Matilda Ruta shows in a wonderful, entertaining and easy to understand way how incredibly great and clever everyone’s home is, that we are all the same and how important it is to preserve that.” Barnbolaget, @barnbolaget.vallingbycentrum


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