Bim’s World. The Class Trip

Bim’s World. The Class Trip

Kristina Sigunsdotter & Jenny Jordahl

Original Title
Bims värld. Klassresan
Natur & Kultur, Stockholm 2023
Fiction 9-12
180 pp, 150 x 200 mm
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Bim’s World. The Class Trip

Kristina Sigunsdotter & Jenny Jordahl

Bim’s World is an incredibly funny and engaging series by August Prize winner Kristina Sigunsdotter.

A major part of children’s lives take place at school. Same goes for Bim: her life centers around having friends that are kind and friends that are not-so-kind, about carrying a soup of tears in your chest, and hiding in the gym for hours with someone you like.

In Bim’s World we are introduced to Bim’s artist-mom who likes to walk around naked during summer and goes into hibernation during winter, and the really ugly dachshund Weiner. We also get to know Emon, who makes Bim happy all the time, and of course all the other friends in class 4A. In this third book of the series, the class is planning to go on a trip, but to Bim’s despair her mom volunteers to come along.

With an unfailing eye for middle grade and great humor, Sigunsdotter creates characters and situations that make the reader feel.

Kristina Sigunsdotter is a journalist and a writer, who was awarded the August Prize for The Secrets of Cricket Karlsson. Jenny Jordahl is one of Norway’s foremost illustrators.


About The Night at School:

“Bim is an adorable character that I definitely want to see more of.” BTJ, 5/5 rating

“It is hard to describe everyday life in a way that is fun and authentic. But Kristina Sigunsdotter can do it! We can’t wait to read the next part of the series.” Vi Läser

“Sigunsdotter’s style of writing is wild, captivating and humorous.” Lotta Olsson, Dagens Nyheter

“Kristina Sigunsdotter writes well and Jenny Jordahl hits just the right jokey tone with her pictures. This is exactly the kind of funny and, above all, hilarious book that children always wish for.” Expressen


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