Where do we go when we disappear?

Where do we go when we disappear?

Isabel Minhós Martins & Madalena Matoso

Original Title
Para onde vamos quando desaparecemos?
Planeta Tangerina, 2011
Picture books
48 pages / 195 x 220 mm
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Brazilian Portuguese
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Where do we go when we disappear?

Isabel Minhós Martins & Madalena Matoso

With only a few exceptions, no one can answer this question with absolute certainty.

Where do we go when we disappear? takes advantage of a lack of clear-cut answers to explore some possibilities — colourful and poetic, serious or nonsensical — with which to brighten this inevitably sombre topic.

Fortunately (or unfortunately, who knows) we are not the only ones to disappear.
It happens with everything in the world.
Sun, clouds, leaves and even holidays

are always starting and ending,
appearing and disappearing.

What does this book suggest?

That we observe the world and seek new possibilities for it (ones that will serve us and those we love).

Important: in this exploration, no detail should be overlooked – from socks which mysteriously disappear, to the sun which abandons us each day, each of these elements presents some interesting ideas to help us fill the space that opens up around this great question.

“Where do we go when we disappear?” subtly approaches the matter of absence, departure and death. Without providing definitive answers, it opens up a route for the imagination, making this weighty subject a little lighter (even if only for some brief moments).

Press voices

A gentle but persistent exploration of all the possible answers to an as yet un-answered question. Martins’ text is typically poetic and strikes the right balance between pensive and humorous to tackle the disappearance of family, friendships, socks and rocks.” Anna Riddley in LOOK / BOOK magazine

A wise, disarmingly simple rumination on the idea that disappearance is really only change.” Kirkus Review

“The artwork is glorious; blocky and colourful, beautifully imaginative and full of life, the art adds a gloriously inventive dimension to this thoughtful, clever book. (…)
It is a wonderful, playful exploration of a difficult topic and I highly recommend it.” Blog Making Them Readers

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