Tsatsiki and Mom (The Tsatsiki Series)

Tsatsiki and Mom (The Tsatsiki Series)

Moni Nilsson

Original Title
Tsatsiki och morsan
Natur & kultur, 2015
Fiction 9-12
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Tsatsiki and Mom (The Tsatsiki Series)

Moni Nilsson

Tsatsiki-Tsatsiki Johansson won the hearts of readers all over the world when the first book, Tsatsiki and Mom, was published in 1995. To date, the books have been translated into 17 languages and they continue to gain new generations of fans. The books have won numerous awards, and the first film about Tsatsiki won Best Film in 1999 in Sweden. Moni Nilsson’s portrayal of the everyday life of young Tsatsiki and his somewhat unconventional mother, is characterized by a unique, familiar, and captivating style, making the books true classics of our time.

Moni Nilsson is one of Sweden’s most acclaimed authors of children’s books and young adult fiction. She has received numerous prestigious literary awards such as the Astrid Lindgren Prize in 2010 for meritorious authorship within the realm of Swedish literature for children and youth.

Tsatsiki och Morsan/ Tsatsiki and Mom (1995, revised edition 2015)
Tsatsiki lives in Stockholm, Sweden. He has never met his dad the squid fisher who lives in Greece. But it doesn’t matter, he has his mom. When Tsatsiki starts school he meets Per Hammar, the best friend in the world. And he falls in love with Maria Grynwall almost immediately. Each time she looks at him his tummy feels feverish. But what can he do about Morten Piss Ant? No one is as big and dangerous as he.

Tsatsiki och Farsan/ Tsatsiki and Dad  (1996, revised edition 2015)
It’s the first summer holiday, and in severe heat Tsatsiki and his Mom are on their way towards the Greek island where dad Yanis lives. He will be so surprised, because he doesn’t even know that he has an eight year old son living in Sweden. What if Yanis is not like a real dad should be?

In Greece Tsatsiki get to catch squid and dive in caves with his cousin Elena. And he learns three things: that girls can be incredible brave, that they can kiss so that you feel it all the way down to your toes and that you can never trust moms, not even his own. When he comes back home to Sweden again there is more to learn, not just in school, where he is no longer a first garder, Sure, the nuisance Morten Piss Ant may not be as dangerous as he pretends to be, but is it really a good idea to let him move in with them? Also, how come Maria Grynwall that liked Tsatsiki all through first grade, suddenly thinks he’s the worst? And can you really trust your best friend?

Bara Tsatsiki/ Only Tsatsiki (1997, revised edition 2015)
Since Tsatsiki started third grade, his life has changed a lot: Mom and Göran have gotten married and are expecting a baby, dad the squid fisher comes to visit a cold and snowy Stockholm, grandpa in Greece dies, but luckily he still has his grandpa in Sweden.

Tsatsiki and Per Hammar unwillingly become umbrella thieves and everyone gets lice at school. Tsatsiki decides to quit football, he’d rather take a dance course. But should guys really like dancing this much? Tsatsiki’s rock group The Screaming Tuxes are part of the entertainment at the class party, but they haven’t had time to practise at all. And that makes Tsatsiki nervous to say the least. But they are a success anyway and then there are two girls who asks Tsatsiki to go steady with them. Maria Grynwall and Sara. Who should he choose?

Tsatsiki och kärleken/ Tsatsiki and Love (1999, revised edition 2016)
Tsatsiki starts fourth grade in the autumn. Before that he will stay in Greece with his dad The Octopus Catcher. But this summer is different. When Tsatsiki’s grandpa dies he is lucky to have Elena, because her shenanigans are so funny and scary that Tsatsiki almost forgets the sad thing that has happened.

Back home in Sweden again Tsatsiki and Per Hammer become blood brothers. They also decide that it is still ok to play with lego. When you are in the fourth grade you can be small and big at the same time. With being big comes love. And Moms stomach is growing and growing, and her mood gets weird. Göran sells his motorcycle, and buys an old, red Volvo instead. First Tsatsiki gets both sad and angry, but it turns out the car is very good to have when little sister Retzina is born. Now Tsatsiki is a big brother and it feels amazing and official.

Tsatsiki och Retzina/ Tsatsiki and Retzina (2001, revised edition 2016)
Tsatsiki feels as if he is not small enough nor big enough, not as small and cute as Retzina, who gets all of moms attention. And not as big and cool as Morten Piss Ant who boxes Tsatsiki on his bruise all the time. Per Hammar och Tsatsiki have started calling each other Sacke and the Hammer. But then one day on their way home they have a fight about which way to go. Suddenly they stop talking to each other at school. Tsatsiki starts hanging out with Stoffe and Robin. But when Tsatsiki tells on them for shoplifting it doesn’t do him any favours. Good thing he’s got Mum and the girls in the class when things get tough. Finally, the summer holidays arrive and the whole family go to Greece, even Per Hammar comes along.

Tsatsiki och Hammarn/ Tsatsiki and the Hammer (2015)
Nothing is fun anymore according to Tsatsiki. Especilly boring is Göran and Mom fighting all the time, that there is no money and that the neighbour von Fart complains about everything. Also, the girls at school thinks Tsatsiki and the Hammer are childish (even though Tsatsiki just had a birthday). The only good thing is that dad the squid fisher has promised they can spend the whole summer in Agios Amos. But grown ups only promise things. Tsatsiki realises that if you want to go somewhere and have fun you’re going to have to do fix it yourself . And he’s going to do just that!

Tsatsiki och olivkriget/ Tsatsiki and Olive Fight (2015)
Finally, Tsatsiki is back in Greece again. But things aren’t like they used to be in Agios Ammos. Dad the Squidfisher owes the bank a lot of money and is planning to sell both his olive grove and his hotel. That can’t happen! Who would Tsatsiki be then? You can’t be an olive grove owner without an olive grove. Luckily, he becomes friends with Alva. She isn’t afraid of anything and brings Tsatsiki along on the coolest adventures. But when Per Hammar shows up there is trouble. Can you really have two best friends? Now Tsatsiki has to get his two best friends to become pals AND save the olive grove. Time is running out and maybe it’s already too late?

Tsatsiki och Älva/ Tsatsiki and Älva (2017)
Tsatsiki has started sixth grade in a scary middle school, both him and Per Hammar are scared all the time. Especially of some boys in eighth grade who seem to love tormenting the sixth graders. When Tsatsiki thinks it cannot get any worse, Per Hammar makes new friends with with the coolest footballers in Kungsholmen, Älva disappears to Paris and mom, she is just sad. Tsatsiki decides he has to:

1. Become friends with the Hammer again
2. Make mom happy but most importantly
3. Rescue Älva from being eaten by a lion