The New Yorkers

The New Yorkers

Marta Pantaleo

Orecchio acerbo, 2022
Picture books
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The New Yorkers

Marta Pantaleo

The New York we know today is the product of centuries of history. Its inhabitants came from all over the world in search of a better life, all of them carrying something of themselves and of their own history: music, recipes, books, ideas…

With time they learned to live together. Memories, languages, and traditions rubbed up against one another, sometimes coexisting and at other times clashing. Centuries later, New Yorkers have become the soul of this unique city.

This book shows us all the cultural differences that have contributed to build this city and to make it so beautiful.

It is a call to learn to live with others, welcome those who are different from us, and collaborate to dream of a better future.


The distinctive writing of Marta Pantaleo is characterized by a coarse and at the same time very expressive style, with evident echoes deriving from engraving and scratchboard, techniques she used in her beginnings. Marta alternates between digital technique and hand drawing and always demonstrates an excellent sensitivity in color choices.

Young readers can cut out each resident and house and build their own New York City!


Marta Pantaleo is an Italian freelance Illustrator based in Rome. She graduated in the Graphic Design and Photography program at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome and she studied illustration at Mimaster in Milan. She collaborates with important newspapers, also internationally, and in 2016 she won the Silent Book Contest with her first book, Ciao ciao giocattoli.

Moreover she won the Nami Concours in 2016, the Society of Illustrators 60th in 2018 and the
Golden Pinwheel Young Illustrators Award in 2019.

The New Yorkers is her second book published by Orecchio acerbo, preceded by Le tigri della malora (The Evil Tigers), written by the well-known Italian author Pierdomenico Baccalario.

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