One Hundred Seeds that Flew Away

One Hundred Seeds that Flew Away

Isabel Minhós Martins & Yara Kono

Original Title
Cem sementes que voaram
Planeta Tangerina, 2017
Picture books
32 pages / 195 x 220 mm
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Chinese (Simplified and Traditional)
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One Hundred Seeds that Flew Away

Isabel Minhós Martins & Yara Kono

A tree is waiting, expectantly.
What is she waiting for?
For the right day to release her seeds.
A day that is just right, a day that is the day!

That day arrives, but the adventure is just getting started… Because if we tot up and tally, how many seeds of the one hundred that flew away will find a safe place to land?
How many will be eaten by birds?
How many will end up at the bottom of a river?
And, in the end, how many will actually manage to grow into an adult tree?

In this book, we calculate probabilities, without ever losing hope. Even if the story appears to be one of infinite subtraction!

Who shares the mother-tree’s belief that everything will work out just fine?

(Will it, really? Let’s keep our fingers crossed!)

A book that brings the forest into the spotlight, celebrating the endurance of seeds, along with the intelligence of trees and Mother Nature more widely.

Suitable for readers of all ages.

Press voices

An appropriate book in a year which, for the worst reasons, forests were brought to the attention of all of us (…) Great for renewing hope for the coming year.” Rita Pimenta, Público newspaper

“An intelligent book (…) which celebrates much of what a book can be. Without a doubt, one of Hipopómatos’ books of the year.” Hipopómatos na Lua blog

Certain books have perfect timing; this is one of them.” Sara Amado, A Prateleira de Baixo blog

Finalist — Premio Orbil 2022 (Scientific Book)

Selected — Illustrator’s Exhibition at the Bologna Children’s Books Fair (2018)

Recommended — Portuguese National Reading Plan