Freddy Fixer Builds an Electric Car (Freddy Fixer Series)

Freddy Fixer Builds an Electric Car (Freddy Fixer Series)

George Johansson & Jens Ahlblom

Original Title
Mulle Meck bygger en elbil
Berghs, 2023
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Freddy Fixer Builds an Electric Car (Freddy Fixer Series)

George Johansson & Jens Ahlblom

Freddy looks thoughtfully at his yellow old car, which used to take him and Buffy everywhere. Now the gas tank is empty, and the yellow color is full of rust and scratches. But then Freddy gets a flash of genius! Electricity, of course! An electric car, that’s what he is going to build. No fumes and silent to drive. Now Freddy just needs a little bit of help from his friends!

Since the first book, Freddy Fixer has captivated the hearts of young mechanics with his expertise on vehicles, machines and other gadgets. His matter-of fact personality makes learning fun and easy. Freddy Fixer stands for curiosity, inventiveness, ingenuity and adventure. For him, there are no scraps, only old things that can be put to new use.

Having been translated into many languages, this popular character is a man of many names: Willy Werkel, Mik Mekanik, Freddy Fixer, Gary Gadget, Masa Mainio, Meistri-Märten, Martin Mekk, Karel Klus etc …



Mulle Meck bygger en bil/ Freddy Fixer Builds a Car (1993)
Freddy Fixer lives at the end of a road with his boxer dog, Buffa. There they enjoy collecting all sorts of gadgets and thingumabobs. But Freddy has an urge to see what is at the other end of his road. In order to do so he must create some form of transportation. After assembling the axles, wheels, gearbox, brakes, steering wheel, seat and nuts and bolts he discovers that he still needs to find an engine. He quickly resolves the matter and triumphantly takes himself and his dog to discover what lies at the end of the road.

As he gathers the bits and pieces, Freddy does so in a logical manner, so that the logistics of building a car makes sense and are simplified. This makes it easier for readers to ask their parents for further details if they are curious.

The simple language and charming full-colour watercolour and pencil illustrations lead a young reader step-by-step through the bare necessities for building a car and making it run.

Mulle Mecks verktyg/ Freddy Fixer’s Tools (2016)
When Freddy and Buffy comes home from their trip, they find all the tools in a mess. Freddy starts cleaning up, and at the same time explains to Buffy what all the tools are used for. When Freddy is done, he has made a practical shelf for the chainsaw, and Buffy has learnt much about carpentry.

Buffa som valp/ When Buffa was a Puppy (2017)
Mulle Meck is out on his first test ride with his new Molijoxoped. He lets the engine work up the hill and sometimes helps with the pedals. There, on the hill, is a small box! A box with little holes in the sides, and a sign: ”Help! You who can take care of me.”

Haven’t you wondered how Mulle and Buffa met? Finally, we get the answer in this irresistible story!

Mulle Mecks stora bok om maskiner/ Freddy Fixer’s Big Book about Machines & Mulle Mecks stora bok om bilar/ Freddy Fixer Big Book about Cars(2018)
For 25 years, Freddy Fixer and his dog Buffy have built cars, machines, fixed with airplanes and boats. This is celebrated with two new anthologies.

Mulle & Buffa. Vargavinter och Mossikopter/ Freddy Fixer and the Harsh Winter (2018)
Freddy Fixer is in his toolshed building a new vehicle. It’s a mossicopter, which can get around over watery moss, frozen lakes, and thick snow layers. Snow is falling, and Freddy realizes that his dog Buffy and the painter Gordon are trapped by the snow storm in a tree house in the woods. They have to be saved! Freddy packs the mossicopter with flares and provisions and heads off. And luckily, he gets help from the unfearful Veronica Wallmark.

Mulle Meck och Cirkus Brambilla / Freddy Fixer and the Circus Brambilla (2021)

In this new title, Benno Brambilla, a depressed circus director, has come to Djupforsen. Veronika is determined to get Benno’s spark back. With the help of the children of the village, and after some hesitation, the rehearsals finally begin. It’s time for the world premiere of the new Circus Brambilla! In the meanwhile, Freddy Fixer takes care of Benno’s old car, making some environmentally friendly changes.

Mulle Meck. Somna & vakna / Freddy Fixer. Fall Asleep & Wake Up (2022)

These two new boardbooks are for the youngest readers, who get to join Freddy Fixer and his dog Buffa as they are going to bed, and wake up in the morning.