Mina and Kåge (Series)

Mina and Kåge (Series)

Anna Höglund

Original Title
Mina och Kåge
Alfabeta, 1995
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Mina and Kåge (Series)

Anna Höglund

Anna Höglund’s books about Mina and Kåge have become classics

The five books about Mina and Kåge are written with great sincerity and humor by ALMA nominee Anna Höglund.

Stories that everyone can identify with – about friendship and loneliness, love and jealousy, about the right to be angry and the importance of reconciliation.

Mina och Kåge/ Mina and Kåge (1995)
Mina and Kåge live together.  In the morning, they drink coffee as they always do…
But suddenly one day Kåge says that he’s going to travel without her.  Mina is completely unprepared for the change and doesn’t know how she will survive the pain. How can a person one counts on – and perhaps even needs – betray one that way?

Mina går sin väg/ Mina Goes Her Way (1997)
Mina is angry with Kåge because he doesn’t care enough about her.

She decides to leave, as far away from Kåge as she possibly can.
After a while she starts to wonder if Kåge might be worrying for her and decides to head home.  But once back, Kåge isn’t home…

A smart relationship drama for all ages with a subtle sense of humor.

Mina i Kina/ Mina in China (1999)
It’s raining. Mina is bored. Suddenly she finds a book about ancient China and reads all morning, evening and half the night. She dreams wonderful dreams of temples and bridges. In the morning, when she wakes up, nothing can stop her. She must go to China.
Everything is different there, Mina feels lonely although there are bears everywhere.
One day an old bear takes her to the temple. There Mina feels totally happy. Suddenly, she knows that the whole world is somehow united.
Now she can go back home to Kåge.

Mina och Kåge drar västerut/ Mina and Kåge Go West (2005)
This time, the popular characters Mina and Kåge do exactly what the author herself once has done – they move to the United States!
Mina is hesitant and surprised by how big and different everything is. The cookies are big as plates and when one day Kåge brings home a giant pizza, Mina at first thinks that he has bought a new carpet! She misses her life in Sweden and longs for her friends. A hurricane is approaching and in the storm, Mina saves the life of a squirrel. When the hurricane is finally gone, everything seems a bit brighter and Mina has found a new friend.

Mina i vildmarken/ Mina in the Wilderness (2014)
Mina and Kåge are two different minded bears living in a house on the outskirts of a city. One day when Mina is going for a walk in the woods (Kåge prefers to stay at home in front of the new flat-screen TV), she finds an abandoned cottage. The cottage is run down but beautiful, and Mina begins to spend time there. She tells Kåge that she is moving to the cottage to have some time to herself, but if he likes to, he can come and visit.
Kåge does not like the wilderness at all. Still, after a few days he goes to find her, worried that Mina has left him for good.
They decide to a make a room for Mina in the small outhouse in the garden, where she can be by herself when she wants to.





Press voices

“A small wonderful story” Dagens Nyheter
“Nothing more than a small masterpiece” Förskolan
“Both fun and irresistible” UNT