Koko and Bo (Series)

Koko and Bo (Series)

Lisen Adbåge

Original Title
Koko och Bosse
Natur & Kultur, Stockholm 2011
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Koko and Bo (Series)

Lisen Adbåge

The ingenious books about the wonderful duo Koko and Bo depicts the relationship between big and small without any fuss or lectures. Durable and warm books that will stand for many bedtimes. Lisen Adbåge’s illustrations have fresh unconventional perspectives, the colors gives depth to the setting while the characters shine with their own peculiarities.

Koko & Bosse/ Koko & Bo (2011)
Koko and Bo have been at the playground for four whole hours. It’s time to go home, but Koko doesn’t want to. Bo lets him stay at the park and goes home by himself. Soon Koko returns home – it wasn’t any fun at the park all alone. Koko and Bo need to go shopping and Bo tells Koko to put on his overalls. Koko doesn’t want to. Don’t then, says Bo. Koko is cold even before Bo unlocks the bike. Luckily, Bo has brought an extra sweater. There are a lot of things Koko doesn’t want to do and Bo doesn’t make him.

Koko & Bosse. Törs inte!/ Koko & Bo. Don’t Dare (2012)
‘Bo climbs to the top of the diving tower.“Jump! Jump! Jump!” Koko shouts. But Bo stands still.
“Are you scared?” Koko says.
“I don’t think I feel like it,” Bo says.
“CHICKEN!” a tough guy yells.
“Go ahead and dive yourself if you dare!” Koko says.
The guy leaves. Bo climbs down again.
“How brave of you to tell that guy off,” says Bo.

Once again we take part in their everyday life, depicted with a lot of humor and tenderness. What might be frightening to one might not be for another, but courage is about facing your fears. And that’s what Koko and Bo do, together.

Koko & Bosse. Hinner inte!/ Koko & Bo. Don’t have Time! (2015)
”We don’t have time to play now,” says Bo. “Get down from that rock immediately.”
“Don’t have time,” says Koko. “We’re climbing.”

In the third book in the series about the charming duo, Koko and Bo are heading out for a day on the beach. They’re in a hurry, so Bo urges Koko on. First they have to buy snacks to bring with them, and then they have to catch the bus. But Koko thinks that there are other, more important things to make time for.





Press voices

“The nicest picture book in a long time”
Tidningen Vi Föräldrar

“It’s not only the sunset that sparkles, but Lisen Adbåge’s whole narration in words and pictures”
Svenska Dagbladet

”You could say that the book has an excellent child’s perspective, but that would be an understatement. It’s better than that. The adult also has a place in it. Simply a good human perspective”
Borås tidning

“Two people, one big and one small, negotiate a relationship in this Swedish import. [...] Adbåge's pictures are square and simple, depicting both Koko and Bo with pale, pinkish skin. No gender is given to Koko, and, until the book's end, readers might assume that Bo, in pink, patterned top and full red slacks and purse, is female. Adbåge assigns Bo a 'his' near book's end. This, and the author's choice to present life without lecturing, shows uncommon respect for her readers. Sublime."
Kirkus Reviews