Katitzi (Series)

Katitzi (Series)

Katarina Taikon

Original Title
Katitzi & Katitzi och Swing
Natur & Kultur, Stockholm 2014 (First edition published 1969 & 1970)
Fiction 6-9
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Katitzi (Series)

Katarina Taikon

Author and human rights activist Katarina Taikon wrote 13 books about the young Romani girl Katitzi and her family, between 1969 and 1980. The stories depict questions of injustice, ignorance and exclusion through the eyes of a child. The books about Katitzi have been loved by generations of readers and are now published in new editions, carefully revised by writer and journalist Lawen Mohtadi in collaboration with Katarina Taikon’s daughter Angelica Ström. Each new edition, except for the ninth book Katitzi Z-1234,  consists of two of the original books, all have been given new illustrations by Joanna Hellgren, celebrated illustrator and comic book artist.

Katitzi & Katitzi Swing/ Katitzi & Katitzi Swing (1969, 1970, revised edition 2014)
In the first two books, we meet the headstrong, 7-year old Katitzi for the first time. Katitzi is like any other child – she fights with her sisters and brothers and plays with her dog, sometimes she behaves nicely, and sometimes she’s mischievous. However, although she is like anybody else, she isn’t allowed to attend school. Nor can she live in a real house or stay in the same place for very long before being turned away – all because she is Romani.

Katitzi i ormgropen & Katitzi rymmer/ Katitzi in the Snake Pit & Katitzi Escapes (1971, 1971, revised edition 2015)

Katitzi, Rosa och Paul & Katitzi i Stockholm/ Katitzi, Rosa and Paul & Katitzi in Stockholm (1972, 1973, revised edition 2015)

Katitzi och Lump-Nicke & Katitzi i skolan/ Katitzi and Lump-Nicke & Katitzi at School (1974, 1975, revised edition 2016)

Katitzi Z-1234/ Katitzi Z-1234 (1976, revised edition 2017)

Katitzi barnbruden & Katitzi på flykt/ Katitzi the Child Bride & Katitzi on the Run (1977, 1978, revised edition 2017)

Katitzi i Gamla stan & Uppbrottet/ Katitzi Last Books (1979, 1980, revised edition 2018)

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Press voices

”Republished Katitzi – painful and relevant children’s literature” Uppsala Nya Tidning

”Katitzi shows everyone the power of children’s books” Östgöta Correspondenten

”It is an engaging and exciting read, I laugh – and I cry […] Katarina Taikon captures sensory impressions just as intensively as you experienced them when you were young – how it smelled, tasted and felt right down under your skin. It makes the story of Katitzi something more than just a testimony of being Romani during the 1940s. There’s also much joy and love in the everyday realism. And Katarina Taikon always takes the side of the vulnerable, whether they speak Romani or not.” Svenska Dagbladet

“Katitzi is just as captivating today […] It’s good that they’re now being republished, they are needed. Maybe now more than ever?” Västerviks-tidningen
Premio Orbil 2019 (Italy)