Filippa & Company (series)

Filippa & Company (series)

Juha Virta & Marika Maijala

Original Title
Filippa & Kumppanit – Piano karkaa
Etana, 2015
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Filippa & Company (series)

Juha Virta & Marika Maijala

Follow Filippa and her friends as they take on new adventures.

Filippa & Kumppanit – Piano karkaa/ Filippa & Company – The Piano (2015)
Filippa and her friends find a piano in their backyard. Each of them wants the piano. André the donkey would use it as a coffee-table, Snoozy the cat would take a nap in it. Filippa simply would love to play her favourite song on it. At the same time the pianist is missing his piano, and the conductor is missing his socks.

Filippa & Kumppanit – Kissa katoaa/ Filippa & Company – The Lost Cat (2017)
An amusement park awaits them with crooked mirrors, mountains of wonderfully scented pancakes and a magic show. They meet the magician’s assistant, Rabbit, who has a great problem. The magician has disappeared! Filippa, her friends and the Rabbit step in to replace the Magician but their vanishing trick turns out so well that Snoozy the cat goes missing too. Will they find her and the magician before the magic show ends?

Filippa & Kumppanit – Numerosoppa / Filippa & Company – Whimsical Numbers (2018)
A witty and suprising take on numbers, Whimsical Numbers is the first small format book in the Filippa & Friends series for the very young readers.

Juha Virta’s clever and very short texts combined with Marika Maijala’s illustrations create a new world of numbers full of surprises.

Filippa & Kumppanit – Joulu Juksaa / Filippa & Company The Christmas Twist (2019)
Filippa and her friends André the Donkey and Snoozy the Cat are preparing for Christmas. They hang decorations and drink juice – and fill in the crossword puzzle. Filippa leaves to buy chocolate and meets the marmot who says he is Santa Claus. Snoozy the Cat needs more biscuits and notices the new shop next door. There’s a bunny who says he’s Santa Claus. André the Donkey goes to buy more juice and helps a neighbor’s aunt do her shopping, and she says she is Santa Claus, too. What does all this mean for Christmas? And will they be able to finish the crossword puzzle?

Filippa & Kumppanit – Väriverstas / Filippa & Company – Color Filippa (2021)
Filippa, André the Donkey and Snoozy the Cat go to the workshop and start painting their boat. The hustle and bustle also invites along the Color Bucket itself, who encourages the basic colors to be bolder.

A playful take on the theme of color, with the characters known from the books The Piano, The Lost Cat and The Christmas Twist. Follow Filippa & Friends on a new adventure, where the whole city is painted anew!




Press voices
"The Great Escape is one of those rare children’s books, that both children and adults want to read just as much over and over again.”
– Saara Kekäläinen, children’s book critic

"The most beautiful book of the year 2015 ."
– The Finnish Book Art Committe

"Juha Virta’s texts for this book are a bunch of short poems, with and without rhymes. Combined with Marika Maijala’s charming, colourful pictures – the title of the book says it all! – they offer readers a lot of fun. "
– White Ravens Catalogue 2022
White Raven 2016

Selected — White Ravens Catalogue 2022