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Natur & Kultur, Stockholm 2015
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Tove Pierrou & Joanna Hellgren

When Omko bends down to tug his socks up for the umpteenth time he notices something in the grass of the football field.
“A snail!” Omko observes the yellow-gray shell. It’s probably scared, just like he is. A football could probably hurt a snail a lot…

Omko is on his way to play a football game, but he doesn’t like his new shoes. And he’s not particularly fond of football either. His big sister tells him the shoes are magical, but Omko just snorts. Once on the football field, he discovers several bugs in the grass. He needs to save them from being trampled. Suddenly he’s off at full speed. His mom sees him run like never before. Sometimes he’s near the ball, but the truth is that he’s picking up bugs and putting them in his shoes, which turn out to be pretty magical after all!

Debut author Tove Pierrou and innovative illustrator Joanna Hellgren have created an empathetic and fun picture book about a young boy with a big heart.

Press voices
"Tove Pierrou, in her debut as a writer, and illustrator Joanna Hellgren create a memorable anti-hero’s story of how an unmotivated and dreamy young soccer boy steps out of the field, abandons the game and gets the environment’s silent acceptance and respect. Unexpected visual solutions, original perspectives, a different color palette and a strong feeling for nature in the illustrations work effectively together with the impressive and sincere text's many humorous undertones. Småkrypsboll is an exceptionally charming and timeless book." Snöbollen's jury motivation
Snöbollen - best picture book of the year 2016