Bosse & Bella Eats up (Series)

Bosse & Bella Eats up (Series)

Måns Gahrton & Amanda Eriksson

Original Title
Bosse & Bella äter upp
Berghs förlag, Stockholm 2015
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Bosse & Bella Eats up (Series)

Måns Gahrton & Amanda Eriksson

Book series about the charming siblings Bosse and Bella

Bosse & Bella borstar tänderna/ Bosse & Bella Brush Their Teeth (2012)

Bosse & Bella sover i egen säng/ Bosse & Bella Sleep in Their Own Bed (2013)

Bosse & Bella i djurparken/ Bosse & Bella at the Zoo (2014)

Bosse & Bella äter upp/ Bosse & Bella Eats Up (2015)
Spaghetti and meatballs for dinner. Which Bosse and Bella loves. But not today. Not even with jam on the side. Or ice cream…

Bosse & Bella i lekparken/ Bosse & Bella at the Playground (2016)
Being at the playground is really fun. But not always when you have to take turns doing stuff…

Bosse & Bella leker skärmfritt / Bosse & Bella Play Screen-Free (2019)

Bosse & Bella, syskon och bästa vänner / Bo & Belle, Siblings and Best Friends (2020) 
Bo and Belle always get into a fight. Whatever they play, it is impossible for them to stay friends. Can the siblings find a way to become friends again?

Bosse & Bella sover borta / Bo & Belle Sleeps Away (2021)
Mum and Dad are going away for a night, and Bo and Belle are going to sleep over at Grandma’s and Miro’s place.

Bosse & Bella får en hund / Bo & Belle Get a Dog (2022)
Finally Bo and Belle get a dog! When Spotty moves in with them, everyday life is turned upside down.