Biscuit and Gordon. The Dad with the Big Shoes (Biscuit and Gordon Series)

Biscuit and Gordon. The Dad with the Big Shoes (Biscuit and Gordon Series)

Moni Nilsson

Original Title
Semlan och Gordon. Pappan med de stora skorna
Fiction 9-12
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The Netherlands
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Biscuit and Gordon. The Dad with the Big Shoes (Biscuit and Gordon Series)

Moni Nilsson

Charming, refreshingly honest,  easy-read, feel-good series with both humor and depth, – simply a must read for every typical atypical teenager!

The series about Biscuit is best described as  “uncensored growing pains for young teenagers”  – it is surprisingly straightforward on vital teen issues such as alcohol, sex, and thoughts about life and death. Funny and feelgood but with an edge.

Moni Nilsson (born 1955) is one of Sweden’s most loved children’s and young adult authors.  is most know for the books about Tsatsiki which have been translated into more than 20 languages and adapted for the screen.

Semlan och Gordon. Pappan med de stora skorna/ Biscuit and Gordon. The Dad with the Big Shoes (2009)
Biscuit is twelve years and four months old. One day her dad moves into a house a few blocks away and Biscuit and her brother become children with divorced parents. But Biscuit discovers after a while that it’s not so bad. It’s actually quite nice every now and then. And in Dad’s house all the furniture is new and there are no holes in the wallpapers.

Gordon is Biscuits best friend. He’s a good friend, but nuts! Sometimes he’s really childish. Like when he thinks that he can get people to do what he wants through telepathy for example. And even though Gordon might be in love with Biscuit, she’s not in love with him. She doesn’t get one bit tingly when she looks at him. Not like with Lino… Lino is in the same year in school as Biscuit, and she can’t get him out of her head.

Semlan och Gordon. Sommar och härliga hemligheter/ Biscuit and Gordon. Summer and Sweet Secrets (2010)
It’s summer vacation and Biscuit and Gordon have made up their mind: they are going to take the train to the city to try and find Biscuit’s unknown granddad. And they won’t tell anybody about it. They jump on a train and the adventure begins. But why does Lino show up just as Biscuit and Gordon are trying to beat the record for longest kiss, and what was it he wanted to say to Biscuit before he went on vacation?

And who could have guessed that Biscuit were to go on stage before the greatest band ever, 4U?

Semlan och Gordon. Kärlek, kyssar och rekord/ Biscuit and Gordon. Love, Kisses and Records (2010)
Biscuit and Gordon comes home from their adventure, and Lino is still very much gone. Biscuit starts to wonder if he actually exists. Of course he does and at the end of the summer, Biscuit finally knows how it feels to kiss someone you’re very much in love with. And then there’s a birthday. A very hungry birthday gift and a very secret guest shows up…

And even before the big kissing competition with Gordon starts, the media has been to the reversed  house twice. Because around Gordon and Biscuit it’s hardly ever peacefull!

Semlan och Gordon. Svarta hål och brustna strängar/ Biscuit and Gordon. Black holes and broken strings (2011)
This book is quite a bit about love:
a) requited love (Gordon’s)
b) heartbreak (mine)

Still – I love love!

This book is also about:
c) starting 7th grade
d) Kevin, my drop-dead gorgeous neighbor (who I can stare at from my brother Bento’s window for days…)
e) jealousy (mine)
f) parents having more fun than you (so unfair!)
g) friendship that conquers everything

Basically, about two months in my – Biscuit Nichlasdotter-Liljestrand’s – most eventful life. A typical atypical 13-year-old girl.

Semlan och Gordon. Två steg framåt och ett tillbaka/ Biscuit and Gordon. Two Steps Forward and one Step Back (2013)
What is the meaning of life – if there even is one? More specifically, what is the meaning of Biscuit Nichlasdotter-Liljestrand’s eventful (inner) life – a typical atypical 13-year-old girl. Biscuit gets dizzy when she realizes her own insignificance in relation to being only one of 7 billion people – does anything really matter then? Cleaning your room, good grades, love?

In this book, life is quite eventful for Biscuit: she ends up at a party at Kevin’s house, she and Gordon gets a new friend named Maximillian and she makes out with Lino even though they are absolutely not an item. When Biscuit’s own friends throw a wild party, she’s disheartened and realizes she must find new friends. It’s time she started searching for the meaning of her own life, it has to be found somewhere!

Semlan och Gordon. Meningen med ett (mitt) liv/ Biscuit and Gordon. The Meaning of  (my) Life (2013)
“Hi, my name is still Biscuit Nichlasditter-Liljestrand and I’m 13 years old. My parents says they don’t know me anymore and that I’m terribly self-involved. I think they are the ones who are self-invloved, but they might me right, because as always, this book is mostly about me and a little about:

  1. Gordon and Russel (it’s not possible to be fighting forever. Especially if you’re best friends and something horrible happens).
    b) The Planet (a really great place in town).
    c) Slosh (the name of my band).
    d) Marcus.
    e) Marcus.
    f) Marcus.

And how black holes can be filled with meaning and how everything suddenly can change. It can be really scary and really, really wonderful!”