Bertie Goes to Doggy Day Care (Bertie Series)

Bertie Goes to Doggy Day Care (Bertie Series)

Kajsa Gordan & Mia Maria Güettler

Original Title
Kjelle börjar på hunddagis
Berghs förlag, Stockholm 2010
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Bertie Goes to Doggy Day Care (Bertie Series)

Kajsa Gordan & Mia Maria Güettler

Fun and super stylish series about Bertie, the little dog with long ears.

Kjelle börjar på hunddagis/ Bertie Goes to Doggy Day Care (2010)
The little dog Bertie lives with Betty. They go for walks to the lake and feed the ducks, or to the large meadow where Bettan throws sticks for Bertie to catch. But one day Bertie’s life is turned upside down–Betty will start working and Bertie must go to doggie day care!
It is with a heavy heart Bertie enters day care the next morning and when all the dogs are going on a walk, Bertie keeps very close to Sixten who is taking care of them. In the park Bertie is eventually accepted by the other dogs and all turns out well.

Kjelle åker till Indien/ Bertie Travels to India (2011)
The first book about Bertie is about the small things and everyday life, in Bertie travels to India, it’s the opposite. Betty is totally into yoga and is taking a course in India. And Bertie goes with her! Once in India Bertie hangs out with the stray dogs on the beach. They cannot understand why he has to wear a collar! They can go anywhere they want, but Bertie must go with Betty. It’s an exciting time and Bertie gets a lot of new friends and they show him the life in a country far away from home.

Kjelle är kattvakt/ Bertie Looks After the Cat (2012)
Bertie is sleeping away from home alone for the first time and he promises to look after the cat Sessan when Grandpa delivers mail.
But it is not so easy, Sessan runs away! Bertie is dogged out but at last finds the cat.
Now he only needs to get Sessan home before Grandpa finds out …

Kjelle i fjällen/ Bertie in the Mountains (2016)
Bertie, Sessan the cat, Betty and Grandpa are going to the mountains. Skiing, tobogganing and waffles are on the schedule. But one evening when Bertie and Sessan are playing (or arguing…) Bertie gets hurt and they need  go to the doctor. Sibling rivalry, skiing holidays and visits to the doctor are the themes in this new adorable book about Bertie, the little dog with long ears!

Lyssna Kjelle!/ Listen Bertie! (2013)
Bertie is listening to a lot of exciting sounds!

A new book in the fun and super stylish series about Bertie, this time for the toddlers.
Bertie is listening to different sounds and examines where the sound is coming from.

Farligt Kjelle!/ Dangerous Bertie! (2019)
The charming dog Bertie is back on a new adventure. Puppy Crumbs drifts off in the water on her infl ated mattress, and her mom doesn’t notice. Now Bertie has to be more courageous than he has ever been before, and he has to act fast.

Bertie challenges scary cows and angry swans to save Crumbs.





Press voices

"The large, beautiful pictures are full of interesting details and supplement the concise text by telling us more about the environment in which the story takes place." Kajsa Öberg, Göteborg Posten

"The first time we saw Kjelle the whole editorial team fell headlong in love. Never have I seen such a reaction with my usually so rational, experienced and professional colleagues; Oooh, they cried in unison, How adorable!" Annika Nasiell, editor, Barnens bokklubb

"Kjelle goes to doggie day care is a charming story with delightful illustrations by Mia Maria Guettler." Bokhunger

"Mia Maria Güettler’s illustrations are both beautiful and illustrative." Enn Kokk,

"I was not the only one to fall head over heels with the first book about Kjelle. The pictures are absolutely fabulous, and the story about the little dog who is so careful and anxious makes you melt totaly. The world’s best book for children who are about to start pre-school!" Barnens bokklubb
" Kjelle travels to India is irresistible, a charming description of the encounter with a different culture, suitable for small children. The language is short, clean and accurate . The illustrations by Mia Maria Guettler are colourful, detailed, and sometimes rampant." BTJ

You can see for yourselves that this is a frolic book! The ears, the floral suit, the plushy legs and the lumpy rag rugs. A lot is appealing to me, but most of all Kjelle’s ears, they are living their own life, listening and discovering with heart and soul. It is the sounds that are at focus in this book, a really good example that it is possible to make something great of the classical/boring ’what’s that growling/barking /meowing’ if you have the imagination and a happy pen. Skånskan
Elsa Beskow Plaque 2013