Without Animals I Die (Series)

Without Animals I Die (Series)

Siri Spont & Jonna Björnstjerna

Original Title
Utan djur så dör jag
Rabén & Sjögren, Stockholm 2011
Fiction 9-12
Rights Sold
Denmark (Rosinante)
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Without Animals I Die (Series)

Siri Spont & Jonna Björnstjerna

Fun, fast-paced, intelligent and spot on for 9-12 years old readers.  A book about friendship and betrayal, about living in the countryside where everyone knows everyone, having a big sister who decides everything and loving animals more than anything else. Scary, funny, daring with a lot of recognizing factors!

Each chapter begins with funny comic illustrations by Jonna Björnstjerna.

Utan djur så dör jag/ Without Animals I Die (2011)
Five annoying things right now:

  1. That my best friend always wants to hang with the “mature” popular girls in the class.
  2. My sister thinks that a little kid should take over my horse.
  3. I will never get together with anyone.
  4. That horrible Marcus in the class who always says nasty things to me or hits me on the arm or in the stomach.
  5. That we live in the country hundreds of miles from everything.

Tilda lives in the countryside and loves animals. She and her best friend Thea have each got a rabbit a few years ago, and out of sheer boredom they have bred a small rabbit farm. Now their parents have forbidden them to mate their pets if they cannot find owners for the baby rabbits first.

That proves to be easier said than done when Thea’s rabbit gets seven young ones at once! One of them is completely black and that one Tilda would like to keep for herself. Tilda’s parents are not quite as enthusiastic. They think Tilda has enough animals: rabbits, fish, birds, horses and dogs.

That’s when Tilda hears herself say something awful: “Rocky is the world’s most boring dog. I wish he would die, so that we can get a new dog instead.” She regrets it the moment she said it. One shouldn’t wish for anyone to die, you just don’t…

Bara jag vågar/If Only I Dared (2012)
There are four things that Tilda wants to do before the summer break. Even though she doesn’t really dare to do them. She wants to go to the ghost barn which is the scariest place in the whole village. Stand up against Marcus when he is mean to her at school. Ask Thea why she is always with Elin, Clara and Marcus nowadays. And to do the spirit in the glass even though she knows that it has driven people mad or gotten them killed for doing so. If only she dared …

Längtar så jag spricker/ Longing so Much (2013)
Love is the theme of this book! Tilda has a secret and a not so secret wish list.
This is how her secret list looks like:

  1. Samin and I will become a couple
  2. Marcus will move
  3. Alice will move
  4. Fish balls at school will be banned
  5. Someone will discover a vaccine against norovirus for everybody
  6. Someone will discover me and I will become a famous actress. Or author.

Lova att jag får/ Promise that I can (2014)
It’s soon time for the school trip and Tilda really doesn’t feel like going. And she is supposed to sell salami – ANIMAL MEAT! – She who loves animals and is a vegetarian… But if she gets that puppy, the world’s cutest puppy, all will be good again. That is until the cute puppy starts peeing everywhere and chews on her new party shoes.Just as giggling, daring and to the point as always.

Vägrar fega ur/ Never be a Coward (2015)
The school trip is approaching and at this point Tilda has to go even though she doesn’t want to. Outdoors activities, tents and campfires for several days. Not even mobiles work over there. Can it get any worse?