Thomas & Emma (Series)

Thomas & Emma (Series)

Gunilla Wolde

Original Title
Totte & Emma
Natur & Kultur, Stockholm
Board books
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Thomas & Emma (Series)

Gunilla Wolde

The character Thomas was first introduced to the public in 1969, and the following years 9 more books about Thomas as well as 10 books about Emma were published. The books deal with subjects that parents and young children can relate to, making them, still today, as popular as ever. Throughout the years, the Thomas & Emma books have been translated into 14 languages, including English.

To celebrate the 50-year anniversary of the classic series, Natur & Kultur will publish four new books in new formats, starting with two board books for toddlers in 2018.

Thomas Books and Emma Books in Selection:

Totte går ut/ Thomas Goes Outside (1969)
Totte är liten/ Thomas is Small 
Totte badar/ Thomas Takes a Bath (1973)
Emma tvärtemot/ Opposite Emma (1974)
Emma och lillebror/ Emma and Baby Brother (1975

Thomas & Emma Books:

Totte & Emma känner/ Thomas & Emma Feels (2018)
Is Emma angry?
Is Emma angry now?
Is Thomas sad?
How do think Emma feels now?
How do you feel?

In a similar way as in Thomas and Emma Can, this new board book, based on Gunilla Wolde’s beloved illustrations, explores feelings by contraposing simple questions with images of facial expressions and specific attitudes. By asking the readers directly to confirm, deny or describe how the characters or themselves feel, the book opens up for a dialogue about the basic emotions.

Totte & Emma kan/ Thomas & Emma Can (2018)
Can Emma dress herself?
Can Thomas find the necklace?
What can you do?

This sturdy little book will engage the very young readers by juxtaposing simple questions with illustrations that reinforce that concept or sometimes show quite the opposite. The contrasting effect makes this board book based on Gunilla Wolde’s classic illustrations both fun to read and easy to love!

Totte & Emma leker inne/ Thomas & Emma Play Indoors (2019)
Today it’s raining. Thomas and Emma decide to stay inside and play. It’s fun to play indoors – Thomas builds a high
tower and Emma jumps in the pillows. They splash water in the bathroom.
What do you like to play indoors?

Totte & Emma leker ute/ Thomas & Emma Play Outdoors (2019)
It’s nice to play outside. When the sun is shining, Thomas likes to run barefoot in the grass, and Emma climbs trees. When it rains, Thomas and Emma play in the puddles.

What do you play when you’re outside?