Jesus and Me

Petter Lidbeck

Original Title
Jesus och jag
Natur & Kultur, Stockholm 2015
Fiction 6-9

Jesus and Me

Petter Lidbeck

The grown-ups say Nadine acts the way she does because she’s insecure. She didn’t look insecure at all when she approached me.

“New hat?” she asked.

My arms felt long and floppy like spaghetti, I didn’t know what to do with them.

“With earflaps,” said Nadine. “Is that modern?”


Farrah has no friends her age, she’s bullied at school and has a hard time standing up for herself, especially to her classmates Sally and Nadine.

But having a friend is important; someone who is there and says what needs to be said, who comforts and is sincere. Luckily, Farrah has Adam. Adam, who spends his days rummaging through containers and houses about to be torn down for all kinds of garbage. Sometimes he finds treasures that he shares with Farrah. Farrah’s mom calls him Jesus, because he is kind, has long hair and a beard.

One day, Nadine is gone from school and Sally is in search of a new sidekick. All of a sudden Farrah gets to tag along, as Sally drags her into her comradery of snide comments and viciousness. Farrah enjoys it at first, for once feeling included, but how is she going to act when they see a well-known long-haired and bearded fellow poking around a container…?

Petter Lidbeck writes perceptively, uncompromisingly and empathetically about adults and children’s failures and heroism in everyday life.