Elmer the Chef (Series)

Ulf Stark & Lotta Geffenblad

Original Title
Elmer Kock
Berghs, Stockholm, May 2016
Picture books
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Elmer the Chef (Series)

Ulf Stark & Lotta Geffenblad

A New irresistible picture book character by acclaimed author Ulf Stark and illustrator Lotta Geffenblad. A lot of humor and fun pictures for all the little ones who love to “work”!

In the books about the ambitious Elmer, he appears in various professional roles: cleaner, musician, veterinarian… and Elmer’s always the reliable hero!

Elmer Kock/ Elmer the Chef  (2016)
People come from all over to eat at Elmer’s restaurant. There’s food enough for police officers, priests, tourists and cyclists, but also for those who are hungry and cold.
When Elmer is finally on the way home the King himself calls: Elmer has to help out! Elmer will appear in various professional roles. Planned for the series are: firefighter, cleaners, veterinarian… and Elmer’s always the great hero!
A new irresistible picture book character by acclaimed author Ulf Stark and illustrator Lotta Geffenblad.

Elmer Städare/ Elmer the Cleaner (2017)
In the first book in the series we met Elmer the Chef. Now he has changed jobs and has become a cleaner!

“If it’s dirty, I will come”, reads a handwritten note. Elmer goes to help out here and there – he cleans for the lonely old lady and in the king’s castle.
Because Elmer is the best cleaner in town!

Elmer Djurdoktor/ Elmer the Animal Doctor (2018)
Elmer has been both a chef and a cleaner. Now he’s switched to becoming a veterinarian. He has his hands full curing sick birds, rabbits and donkeys. But then he gets a call from the castle. Elmer has to go and save the royal dog.

Elmer Spelman/ Elmer the Musician (2018)
Elmer has been a chef, a cleaner, an animal doctor and now he has become a musician. He is the best guitar player in the country and know the most songs. When he plays, traffic stops. Everyone cries. But when Elmer wants to give a concert for the poor people in the tents…


Press voices
" This is pure picture book poetry, with assonances, alliterations and refrences for older readers, and so rhythmical that one cries out for a rapper (and a good rhythm section)."
– Dagens nyheter

"(...) the broccoli trees are just lovely."
– Svenska dagbladet

" Kind- hearted Elmer is a fun acquaintance we would be happy to meet again."