Little Big Story About Tomorrow (Little Big Story Series)

Réka Király

Original Title
Pieni suuri tarina
Etana Editions, 2017. Originally published by WSOY, 2013.
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Little Big Story About Tomorrow (Little Big Story Series)

Réka Király

Colorful books both illustrated and written by Réka Király takes a fun, fanciful approach to thinking about time from different perspectives.

Pieni suuri tarina huomisesta/Little Big Story about Tomorrow (2017, originally published 2013)
What does tomorrow mean? This charming picture book asks when does tomorrow start, and how can you tell since every day is already today?

Owl is confused . He’s – obviously – a bit of a night owl and can’t tell when tomorrow begins. Mouse, Hedgehog and Rabbit try to explain. But does tomorrow begin in the middle of the night, at a certain time in the morning, or not until you wake up?

A Little Big Story About Tomorrow is the first book of the series. It has been translated into Portuguese, Chinese, Korean and Polish.

Pieni suuri tarina ystävyydestä/ Little Big Story about Friendship (2017)
On a stormy night Fox, Rabbit and Hedgehog gather around with a cup of hot chocolate. Suddenly someone knocks on the door. Hedgehog is scared of every noise. Who could it be in the middle of the night? It is Mouse, who is happier than ever as his very own pear is finally ripe. But he is afraid of the wasps. Rabbit is not afraid of anything! The next day the friends go to pick the pear, and it happens that Rabbit is after all afraid of something. What could that be?

A colourful book about fear, friendship and overcoming oneself

Pieni suuri tarina lahjoista/ Little Big Story about a Present (2018)
It’s Christmas time and the friends are in need of a Christmas tree. The fir trees in the nearby forest are however guarded by the scary Bear. Who is going to dare to chop a tree? The Bear takes the friends to the most beautiful tree. It looks exactly as the one they had imagined! What if the Bear’s intentions are good after all? Is he maybe just a bit of a loner?

This is a small big book about things not always being as they first appear.


Press voices
The book's illustrations are lively and unique. The colour-saturated fullspread illustrations are injections of energy for evening moments." – Savon Sanomat.